UVU Green House Sales & Marketing


Website: www.greenhouseuvu.com


Price Range: $3,000 starter package (12 weeks of foundational digital marketing tactics). Minimum $1,000/mo custom projects with a 6-month commitment

Customers: Small to medium businesses, available to partner with other agencies for more foundational projects or clients looking for cheaper services

UVU Green House Sales and Marketing logo - green letters with transparent background. Image of digitalized tree.


Address: 800 W University Pkwy

Keller Building 106, Orem, UT 84058

Phone: (801) 863-6591

Contact: Alec Gallego

Email: [email protected]

Green House is a marketing agency sponsored by Utah Valley University, run by its students, and led by industry professionals. This experience not only gives students the unique opportunity to experience the industry prior to graduation, but also provides foundational marketing services to businesses that are typically unable to afford established agencies.


“I was impressed by the extra initiative taken by the UVU marketing team. For example, the students contacted actual potential corporate clients. They did this by referencing the buyer personas they developed. The information received through their research has helped us better understand our target market. Subsequently, this will allow Lexicon to tailor our marketing strategy to better fit our needs.


“Working with the UVU marketing team exceeded our expectations. They continually took the extra initiative by interviewing our sales team, using the Office of Teaching and Learning at UVU, and creating a survey for our clients. The social media analysis will help us to understand our customer base even more. Instead of just a list of what we are doing wrong, the specific SEO recommendations were extremely beneficial. Their digital marketing expertise and consistent communication gave us a great experience working with them.”

TestOut Corporation

“The team was easy going and fun to work with. They handled themselves very professionally and helped to create content that will benefit us with future projects and campaigns.”

Lowes Xtreme Airsports