Founded: 2006

Price Range: $10k – $500k

Customers: Mission-driven organizations whether for-profit and nonprofit, brands that care about inspiring hearts and minds, regardless of size or location



Address: 1633 W Innovation Way, STE 500, Lehi, UT 84043

Phone: 801-443-4888

Contact: Jacob Hoehne

Email: [email protected]

ISSIMO Story Agency helps mission-driven organizations figure out their unique brand story to attract capital and customers. For brands like Nordic Track, Google, Panasonic, eBay, and Goldman Sachs we have inspired audiences through film to take action.



“NPower worked with the ISSIMO team to develop a video for our nonprofit’s annual fundraise that helped us double the fundraising. We credit the rich storytelling and high production value in this video with our ability to connect with donors and build the emotional connection between the students we serve and the event attendees.”

Binta Vann-Joseph

NPower in Brooklyn, New York

“Working with ISSIMO was absolutely seamless. They are excellent listeners, they work well with people from different cultures around the globe, they are thoughtful, and most of all they really really know how to tell a meaningful story, full of both facts and emotion.”

Stacy Lucido, Marketing Director

resonsAbility Investments, AG in Zürich, Switzerland

“I watched as leaders and luminaries from over 30 countries, including he vatican, become riveted by this video. issimo told our story more beautifully and more compellingly than i could have ever imagined.”

Eric Harr, CEO

Laudato Sì Challenge at the Vatican