Story Changes Everything



Founded: 2014

Price Range: $300 – $5k+

Customers: Small business owners and/or leaders who need help creating stories for social media, websites, blogs, videos, etc.


Address: 223 West Bulldog Blvd Suite 714 Provo, Utah 84604

Phone: (801) 443-4802

Contact Name: Rod McKenzie, Jr.


Company Description

Story is essential in marketing, but how many really know how to tell one? In fact, how many really know the components of a story and how to craft them into something that can transform their business?

We have developed a framework that creates stories that transform customers, increases sales, and creates loyal customers. We provide coaching, consulting, and outsourced CMO services to help businesses create their story and use it in everything they do, including branding, marketing, social media, business and investor pitches, advertising, product marketing, and virtually everywhere else in business.