Story Changes Everything



Founded: 2014

Price Range: $300 – $5k+

Customers: Small business owners and/or leaders who need help creating stories for social media, websites, blogs, videos, etc.


Address: 1809 E Broadway Street #330, Orlando, FL 32765

Phone: 407-633-4355

Contact Name: Rod McKenzie, Jr.

Email: [email protected]

Story is essential in marketing, but how many really know how to tell one? In fact, how many really know the components of a story and how to craft them into something that can transform their business? We have developed a framework that creates stories that transform customers, increases sales, and creates loyal customers. We provide coaching, consulting, and outsourced CMO services to help businesses create their story and use it in everything they do, including branding, marketing, social media, business and investor pitches, advertising, product marketing, and virtually everywhere else in business.


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Rod is a confidence booster. He has the keen ability to make you feel confident in your abilities and skills. He is a person of love and passion and helps you want to be a person of the same. He has the ability to help you see out-of-the-box solutions to your problems and concerns. I have worked with many mentors and motivational speakers, and working with him helped me gain a perspective on my life’s work that I had never seen before with the previous people I had worked with.

I have worked with Rod McKenzie, Jr. on a myriad of business projects over the past 21 years. Mr. McKenzie has consistently displayed a rare set of creative, organizational, and operational skills. He’s a self-starter who needs little to no direction and has demonstrated that he’s willing to do whatever it takes to deliver for the team or a project. His vast experience and creative spirit make him an incredible contribution to any team, not to mention he’s one of the most humble and nicest guys you are ever going to have the pleasure to work with in business.

They say if you walk into a room and you’re the most successful person, you’re in the wrong place. The problem with Rod is he’s so smart he’s always been the giant in the room. So instead of continuously looking for a different room, he’s spent his time mentoring, teaching, and elevating those around him. I’ve been blessed to call him a friend and mentor. Co-Founder of Activity Living. Founder of Blue International. Founder of Green House Properties. Now retired and traveling the world with my wife and four children.