Brent Stone Creative



Founded: 2018

Price Range: $1,000+

Customers: Solopreneurs, startups, small businesses, and entities facing financial constraints, unable to allocate budgets between $5000 and $10000 for website development solutions


Address: 1896 W 960 N Provo, UT 84604

Phone: (801) 310-1053

Contact: Brent Knudsen

Email: [email protected]

We offer tailored web design and development solutions for individuals and small enterprises, with a specialization in written content. Our emphasis lies in fostering enduring client relationships.


“From the moment I engaged in BSC services, it was evident that I was working with a professional who truly understands his craft. The level of technical proficiency exhibited in handling our needs was unparalleled. Not only did he swiftly address any issues we encountered, but he also implemented innovative solutions that have significantly streamlined our operations.”

Suzanne Wonderley 

“Brent was easy to work with and did a good job. He took the time to go back and forth and understand what the scope of the project was and what was being asked for. He was also open about his progress through the project, any issues that came up, and how he was working to resolve them. All around a good experience.”

Mike Lovell

“I was fortunate to contact Peter Jay at UVU [Business Resource Center] and receive the name of Brent Knudsen to help me with my . . . website. Peter said Brent had handled [their] website and some businesses housed there. He was able to assume credentials and got on the website with some good updates that he improved it with. I am very happy with his work. He has also handled the designing and printing of my business cards and certain flyer designs needed for [the] presentation of my book.”

David J Farr