Sebo Marketing




Price Range: $500-$20,000 a month

Customers: Small to medium sized businesses


Address: 3520 North University Ave, Suite #150

Provo, UT 84604

Phone: 801-227-7326

Contact: Bruce Rowe

Email: [email protected]

Sebo Marketing is an internet marketing firm that has the experience to optimize each aspect of your online strategy to reduce your risks and costs. They specialize in Pay-Per-Click Advertising, search engine optimization, improving website conversion rates and creating websites that generate web leads and sales. Because of their track record of increasing their clients’ online success, they are willing to tie their compensation to your success.



I would highly recommend Bruce Rowe and his company Sebo. Bruce is very knowledgeable about SEO, PPC, and what works with website designs. Having made the decision as a company over a year ago to use Sebo has yielded us greater success at overall website traffic, downloads, and ultimately revenue for our company.

As a marketing organization you understand the value and the importance of brand recognition. With that being said I would like to commend you for great reputation that Sebo has in the market place.  Recently, I have been told by two completely different companies about how great of a company Sebo is!In addition to the product and services you provide I have also been told, “that the people at Sebo are fantastic to work with.” As a former business owner it is always great to hear how consumers perceive your company.

Bruce and his team are the most responsive company I’ve worked with. You will find that they are very prompt, efficient, and quick to help. I have nothing but the highest compliments for them as a team and company. Bottom line, I wouldn’t use anyone else to support and maintain our SEO, PPC, and Website design and communication.