Disruptive Advertising


Website: www.disruptiveadvertising.com

Founded: 2013

Price Range: $4,000+

Customers: Companies with a proven online business who want to grow through PPC and digital marketing strategies


Address: 1064 South North County Blvd Ste 400, Pleasant Grove, UT 84062, USA

Phone: (877) 956-7510

Contact: Chad de Lisle

Email: [email protected]

Disruptive Advertising is the best performance marketing agency for authentic brands and marketers. We elevate the way business is done by pairing empowered marketers with win-win-win minded people and brands they believe in. We envision a world where only authentic brands and marketers win.


“My team has been working with Disruptive for many years now. And there’s a reason for that-they produce high-quality results. The company employs knowledgeable, proficient, and friendly people. Disruptive has been an integral part of my team’s functioning throughout the course of our engagement with them.”


Guitar Center, Digital Insights Manager

“Fantastic company to work with. I’ve hired Disruptive at two different companies and in both cases they became my most trusted partner and my secret weapon for building my business. I’ve hired other agencies before but what makes Disruptive stand out is that they believe PPC management is a process that takes discipline and regular review to ensure that we get the most out of our ad spend. They’ve taken care of my money just as they would theirs and brought me a hefty return on every dollar that I’ve invested. I’ve loved working with them and hope to work with them for years to come.”


The Leonardo, CMO

“I took on Disruptive to manage PPC for two global brands at the end of 2016. Within the first two months they were able to clean up the account and turn around a negative ad spend. I appreciate the straightforward way the Disruptive Team and my rep has worked with me to achieve ROAS goals help resolve longstanding issues with Google Shopping, Analytics and tracking and attribution and open up new opportunities and experiments with this ever-changing and competitive world.”


Lowe Pro, Senior Manager eCommerce