Purpose of the Utah Marketing Group

There are lots of talented marketers in Utah. We all do very different things, but we often cross paths with each other. Rather than fight each other for business, we’ve decided to work together. There are several reasons why we’ve chosen to do this:

Help Clients

All of us want our clients to be impressed with us. So when a client comes to us and says “Does your team do [XYZ Service]?” Rather than just say “Nope, sorry”, we want to say something like:

“Client, tell me what you specifically need.”

Listen to their response.

“I’m glad you brought that up. While our firm doesn’t actually do that service, I know the perfect team that can you help you. I meet with them on a regular basis, and I completely trust their work.”

Build Relationships

You can’t handle the situation described above unless you really know and trust the other marketers in the area. Our meetings and our website should help facilitate those relationships, and keep some really talented people top of mind when these situations come up.

Learn from Some Smart People

It seems like in every meeting, several people share pretty cool ideas that might be new to you. Even if you learn something about a marketing service you don’t offer, getting more knowledge in your head still makes you a much better marketer.

In Summary…

There are lots of other benefits (have fun, play golf, eat good food, get out of the office, share referrals, etc) of being a part of these meetings. We hope you see the benefits of being a part of this group. And no, this isn’t a sales pitch since it’s free to be a part of the group, and all the events are free to attend!