Infigo Films



Founded: 2013

Price Range: $30k – $250k

Customers: Small to medium sized businesses that value high quality video content to spread awareness, educate, or sell a product or idea that reflects the quality of their service and brand.



Address: 742 W. 950 S. Springville, UT

Phone: 801-897-9835

Contact: Bryson Alejandro


Infigo Films is a full-service video production and creative agency that creates high-production-value commercials and videos. With a strong network of comedians and writers, they specialize in writing and producing engaging, comedic, or branding ads that will educate and entertain audiences.


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“These guys go above and beyond. Good energy, communicative, organized, and great people to be on set with. Their resume speaks for itself. Had a great experience filming an industrial spot with them. Hilarious comedy writers as well.”

Belinda Purdum

“Infigo Films is a reliable and thorough Production Company! They are extremely professional and treat every project as if it is their own personal project. They make sure to handle details as the company would like them handled and are very communicative with creative input from a client. Great to work with!”

Lauralee Browne

“These are good guys to work with. They offered massive value to us before they even asked us to sign a contract. And they went above and beyond throughout the entire process of writing, casting, and filming the project. And it turned out amazing!”

Joseph Blanch