Hello Story


Website: hirehellostory.com

Founded: 2017

Price Range: $500-$5000+

Customers: Business owners and marketing teams looking for help creating marketing messaging and content that gets results. We’re industry agnostic, working with everyone from handmade caramel sauce makers to healthcare finance firms to authors, coaches, and speakers—we’ve worked with hundreds of clients of all shapes and sizes.


Address: Highland, UT

Phone: 801-885-5597

Contact: Amy Kendall

Email: [email protected]

Clarify your marketing message. Get results. Hello Story is a team of experienced marketing writers who help your business explain what you offer to get more sales.



“Hello Story and Amy Kendall are probably one of the best assets I’ve ever found for my business. Not only are they easy to work with and a pleasure to engage with, but they’ve done something I’ve found very difficult for most people to do: They find MY voice as a speaker and author in the content that gets written. Hello Story has given me great content that has added value to my audience.”

– Anton Gunn, President & CEO, 937 Strategy Group

“Amy and team are a dream! Every single time I reach out with a request, be it with a reasonable lead time or a last-minute scramble, her team responds with a ‘yes’ and delivers on time or ahead of schedule. Additionally, they have some of the best communication skills of any vendor I have worked with. I highly recommend Hello Story to everyone—they will act as an extension of your team and deliver a quality of work that will exceed your expectations.”

– Julie Neumark, Partner & COO, Media & Marketing Minds

“Amy writes at an 11 on a 10 scale. What elevates her effectiveness to a 100 on that same scale is simple yet so uncommon: She researched my firm so thoroughly before writing that readers will believe she IS part of our company. Then, somehow, she can hit the pause button in her brain and do the same thing for you and your company! I don’t understand that level of gifting, but she has it—and I greatly enjoy having her on our virtual team.”

– Ken Fletcher, Chief Financial Advisor, Fletcher Financial Group

“Amy and her team at Hello Story help you get to the heart of who you are as a brand. We’ve known who we are all along, but with Hello Story’s help we’ve been able to put that into words—better explaining what we offer to our clients and how we can help them. This is making a difference in our marketing and sales efforts, and we consider Hello Story a crucial, long-term partner.”

– Tony Child, Founder and CEO, Elevated Worldwide