Epic Dog Studios


Website: www.epicdogstudios.com


Price Range: $3,000-$7,500 per minute of video

Customers: Companies in need of animated explanation videos


Address: 2223 South Highland Drive
Suite E6-366
Salt Lake City, Utah 84106

Phone: 801-900-3648

Contact: Sarah Williams

Email: sarah@epicdogstudios.com

Epic Dog Studios embrace values of fast, affordable, and iterative. Their dedicated team of creative experts help their clients build videos faster than other industry leaders. They offer more bang for your buck, and their iterative process for creating video marketing campaigns just makes sense.



“Overall, we were very impressed. Epic Dog was responsive to our concerns and once we understood the revision process, we were very comfortable with the reviews and editing of the videos. Jordan and Katie were both great to work with.”


Silverback Learning

“Hayley was very helpful, enthusiastic and communicative throughout the project.

She made sure our video production process went smoothly and I really appreciated her weekly updates!”


Clarity Quest Marketing

“Kristina is remarkably responsive and a pleasure to work with.  As I went back and forth, I was expecting push back but it didn’t come.  She really wanted to make this just right for us.  I highly recommend your services!”


Building Point