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Founded: 2010

Price Range: $2,495+

Customers: Companies that are teachable, sales-ready, have identified customers and channels, and who can execute.



Phone: 801-709-1270

Contact: Roger Andrus


TechX Revenue Accelerator Bootcamps are designed to help entrepreneurs grow revenues and scale profitability. This mentoring program includes proven methodologies and cutting-edge tools for rapid, substantial, and sustainable revenue results, helping companies address their three biggest problems: Generating More Leads, Closing More Business and Keeping More Customers.


It’s hard to express my gratitude for TechX. The selfless manner which top-of-the-field industry experts share their time and expertise is really quite astonishing. The [TechX] processes have changed the way I view life.  From the time we started TechX, we’ll have increased our monthly revenue by more than 50% in 4 months. Tech-X has been so critical to our success, I can’t express my gratitude enough. In fact, the value of Tech-X is much greater than 100k for SimpleNexus. We’ve been able to close more and bigger deals, as a result, acquire more leads, and keep more business.

Matt Hansen


Thank you …for helping us to communicate more clearly and better understand the needs of our sales representative.Thank you …for so much insight into the most important functions of our website. Thank you …. for helping us recognize the impact of social media and creating a positive image of our company. Thank you …for reminding us of the importance of maintaining a constant relationship with our clients.

Summer Harris and Cyndi Lowry

Baby Bling

TECH-X is a three-month “boot camp” designed to hone and improve sales and marketing capabilities. As CEO of a new startup, the program was of huge value in helping me zero in on the highest value launch activities so that we hit the ground running.

Ken Meyers